Boyan S. Benev

An early start in business set the stage for a varied career. Boyan has, at times, simultaneously worked in fields as disparate as technology, media and policy. Today he works with a number of teams and organisations, building on his experience to date. A common strand connecting all of the projects is an aim to do something new which contributes positively to society at a local, regional or international level.

Business & Technology

SHYN is developing one of the world's first commercial products built using a quantum computing architecture from the ground up. Financed by Google, the company is working on a qantum data visualisation solution to show data inaccuracy in a variety of applications from online media to finance. As well as product development, SHYN aims to drive interest in the evolving field of quantum computing beyond the science and research communities to developers, engineers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Bulgarian National Television Talkshow COMPET Ministerial Meeting during the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Council Boyan chairing the COMPET ministerial meeting during the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Council Secretaría de Economía Mexico Panel Moderation TV Presenter Conference Hosting
Farstar team working with the RAEng in Cairo, Egypt

Development & Education

Working together with the Royal Academy of Engineering, Boyan is part of an experienced team delivering a series of global events aimed to help top researchers commercialise their work. Digital Ecosystems was Masters course co-written and delivered by Boyan as part of a Carnegie Mellon program at the Sofia University. The lecture series adapted Dr. Edward Deming's 14 key principles to technological innovation. Boyan took part in a hundred and twenty shows for the Prince's Trust supported 'Blue Skies' program.

Publishing & Media

Two Generations discusses the path facing Bulgaria over the coming forty years. The Little Book of Business and The Little Book of Reality aim to serve as simple frameworks for readers interested in the topics of entrepreneurship and social change. Boyan created and hosted the first talkshow dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation for the Bulgarian National Television. Produced by Fusion Embassy the Ethnobass group Oratnitza have grown to become global ambassadors for Bulgarian folklore.

Boyan with Fusion Embassy in the Pekarnata recording studio working on Oratnitza's album
GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2018

Transformative Policy

During the 2018 Bulgarian presidency of the European Council, Boyan was invited to chair two EU-wide informal ministerial meetings on innovation and competitiveness. He has been an adviser on competition policy, digital transformation and innovation. Boyan sat on the Presidential council for the John Atanasoff Award, recognising the talents of leading researchers and practitioners in the field of information and communication technologies.

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